Senior Tax Specialist (Cape Town) LEGN1003


An International company based in Cape Town is looking for a Senior Tax Specialist. The candidate must have a legal and/or accounting background, specialized in tax to take responsibility for all aspects of the tax administration of an unlisted group of companies.

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Minimum Requirements

Bcom (Accounting)
Chartered Accountant.
Masters or Post Graduate / High Diploma in Taxation
Minimum 10 – 15years‘ experience
High degree of technical aptitude is required with the ability to readily adapt to changes and apply problem solving skills within the regulatory environment and apply these changes within the business. Candidate should thus have the ability to perform detailed technical and functional reviews of legislation, case law, complex financial legislation and technical reports in order to ensure that best practice is applied.
Competencies (Attribute & proficiencies, soft-skills)
Diligence and tenacity to ensure tasks are completed to completion within deadline.
Ability to work in a routine and structured environment.
Ability to ensure consistency and adherence to process.
Strong persuasive skills with the ability to show leadership skills to see a task through to completion within a defined timeline.
Professional character and manner.
Hardworking disciplined and deadline oriented.
Good academic Track record.
Good communication skills.
Ability to manage all positions effectively together.
HR knowledge and experience.
Strong interpersonal communication skills.

Role Description

The tax specialist is a mid level position for a candidate with a legal and/or accounting background, specialized in tax to take responsibility for all aspects of the tax administration of an unlisted group of companies. The role is detail oriented with a technical aptitude. An important aspect of the role involves administration and review of all tax submissions and the provision of general tax advise within the group. Candidate must ensure that tax deadlines have been met and in accordance with preapproved content and format specifications.
The candidate is expected to ensure ongoing compliance with the Income Tax Act.

Job Description
Specialized position responsible for all tax affairs of the business covering both direct and indirect taxes. The candidate is expected to work on a standalone basis, within a broader accounting team.
Areas of responsibility include:
· Vat
· Income Tax
· Dividend Withholding Tax
· Capital Gains Tax
· Property Development (SEZ)
The organisation is not involved in tax structuring. The candidate is expected to ensure compliance with the pertaining tax rules and the objective of the role is to ensure that both the functional and administrative obligations of the organisation have been complied with.
Review and approve all tax calculations as being correct and ensure that an audit trail is maintained at all times.
Draft management reports; propose policy changes / changes in computation methods based on changes in underlying rules.
Provide tax assistance through the organisation including providing input to:
· Financial advisory team to enable them to improve the relevance of their financial advice.
· Marketing team to improve the relevance of client communication.
Evaluate and interpret international tax treaties and double tax agreements.
Ensure that there is strict compliance in the implementation of policies with the ability to hold staff accountable.
The position does not involve the direct supervision of staff however the candidate if expected to engage with various teams to ensure tax compliance is achieved.
Prepare detailed regulatory submissions to motivate for certain tax policies which would be beneficial to the interests of clients and / or the organization.
Evaluate and make recommendations to avoid transfer pricing.

City: Cape Town

Salary: Market Related

Duration: Permanent