Senior Specialist – Legislation and Regulatory Oversight – Banking Sector


Our client is a major player in the Banking sector and is heavily involved in policy making and regulation within the banking arena. They are looking for a Specialist from within the Banking sector to spearhead matters relating to Legislation and Banking Regulations related to banking in South Africa in general.

The primary objective of this role is to promote a regulatory environment that will enable the banks to continue to provide competitive, sustainable and customer-centric financial services and products.

Minimum Requirements

1. Have at least 2 years’ previous experience in the banking or financial services sector (5 years and more will be advantageous) and a suitable degree (legal, auditing, etc.).
2. Have a good understanding of regulation and supervision in the financial sector.
3. Have strong interpersonal skills, be professional, proactive and a self-starter.
4. Have the ability to work independently and make decisions.
5. Have a good working knowledge of the law, legal processes, the political dynamic, socio-political imperatives, credit industry, consumer protection and market conduct.
6. Customer/stakeholder focused.

Role Description

1. Enable our client to be the “Voice of the Industry” of the banking sector through formulation of positions on critical regulatory and supervisory issues.
2. Proactively identify and drive initiatives affecting the banking sector frameworks.
3. Play the role of an advisor and educator to various stakeholders.
4. Collaborate and build consensus with banks on a continuous basis to arrive at positions achieving agreed objectives.
5. Create and/or enhance service offerings for our client to deliver continuous value to its members.
6. Build relationships with local and global counterparts and relevant associations for mutual benefits.
7. Represent our client at conferences, seminars and meetings to promote its brand locally and globally.
8. Participate in, create and promote a collaborative, learning and performance oriented culture.
9. Drive projects efficiently and effectively by adhering to defined performance objectives.
10. Assist the General Manager with identified projects and outputs.

City: Sandton

Salary: R600K pa negotiable

Duration: Full Time